Career Change was created by European and Ukrainian friends who have enjoyed many years of travel and working in various locations in Europe. All of the team members working at Career Change have all been working in the IT branch for many years.

The war between Ukraine and Russia made it clear that more of talented IT friends in Ukraine started to look for away to leave Ukraine, to find a place with more stability to build the future for them and their families.

Career Change has been setup to help Ukrainians with this desire. Our mission is to help well motivated and hard working Ukrainian IT talents to find a new future in Europe.

Our focus on talents

We see our talents embarking in a future in Europe and continuously developing themselves. Therefore we find it important to offer our support and guidance in many phases while making career changes:

  • understanding the differences between Ukraine and Europe
  • preparing for a mentality change to be a better professional in Europe
  • helping in the negotiations with employers
  • relocation to Europe, through partners
  • keeping in touch when talents settle down
  • helping our talents to expand their network in their new locations

We are the career change agency, we focus first on Ukrainian IT talents, as long as it’s needed for them to really find the place where our candidates can feel at home. You can depend on us to always listen to your needs and issues throughout your journey to find a new home out of Ukraine.

Are you this IT talent? Then submit your resume and let us see how we can help you to find your step into Europe.

Understanding employers is part of helping our talents

In case you’re an employer, we are grateful if you would consider our talents to strengthen your IT team. As we want our talents to start off as well as possible in their career change, we understand that employers our partners to achieve this.

We understand in the IT business employers do most of the work to understand if there is a real match with a candidate. And on top of that we know by our own experiences as IT entrepreneurs, what the entrepreneurial risks are to take on any new employee, especially when they come from a very different culture. That’s why we build custom arrangements with our partners, to make sure that things are fair for both partners.

It would be a pleasure for us to work with you to find a match, so drop us a line and tell us what you are looking for.