Java/Android developer with more than 9 years of experience in development of server-side, web and mobile applications.
Experienced in technical leading of development teams. Good knowledge of networking technologies and databases.
Experience of working with different software development models.

Mobile projects:

Android SDK, OrmLite, Dagger, EventBus, SIP, ProtoBuf, Junit, Google Analytics, SQLite, Gson, Google Cloud Messaging, Java, AES, OpenStreet maps library, Google Maps, Google Guice / Roboguice

Java projects:

Java, JavaScript, JSP/JSTL , Tomcat, JBoss, Google Guice, JMS (ActiveMQ), Spring, JPA (Hibernate), ZKoss, JUnit, AJAX, Google Guice, Hibernate, Java Web Services, JUnit, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, BEA Weblogic Server, BEA Weblogic Portal, BEA Portlets